Playground Material

Playground Material

Elkhorn Premium Landscape Products playground material, officially called Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is an IPEMA certified playground surface safety product. Made from 100% virgin material, use of EWF can reduce fall related injury in a play area when installed correctly. Elkhorn Premium Landscape Products EWF is certified annually to meet the ASTM standard 2075 for size standards, hazardous metal and tramp metal tests. We have sold our material in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Utah, and North and South Dakota.


Logs to make this product are harvested from forests managed in such a way as to maximize the sustainability of the timber which creates healthy, vibrant and diverse forests.

Some Engineered Wood Fiber is manufactured from trees that would have been thrown in slash piles in the past. Now instead of burning, this traditionally low-quality wood-fiber is keeping children safer on playgrounds all over the in-land west.


IPEMA Certification


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Proper installation is critical to the performance of engineered wood fiber. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

2015 ASTM — F2075 TESTS

Elkhorn Landscape Products are tested annually to ensure that our products provide the highest level of quality and safety possible. Engineered wood fiber is visually inspected at the manufacturing site, and then it is subjected to the following four tests. Copies of our 2015 test results are provided.