Our Montana-made bagged mulch is 100% natural forest by-products made from Montana’s renewable natural resources. Long lasting, with vibrant color, this mulch comes in 3 highly resistant to fading colors (Chocolate Brown, Ameri-Red and Natural). We can deliver in bulk or you can buy in 2 cu. ft. bags. The mulch is beneficial to plants and has great color holding capacity. Our mulches are colored using Amerimulch brand colorants. Amerimulch colorants are safe for children, pets, plants and they use some of the same materials in their colorant that other companies use in lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers.


Elkhorn Landscape Products color enhanced mulches provide many of the same benefits as regular bark mulches. They allow rain water to get to the soil below, while helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation during dry weather. In addition, color enhanced mulches deter weed growth and benefit the plants’ root systems by helping to maintain a moderate soil temperature.


The biggest selling point of this product is its color-holding capacity. Elkhorn Landscape mulches colored with Amerimulch brand colorants don’t just look great when they are spread in the spring! They hold their colors for seasons. The colorants used are highly resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun, and do not wash off in the elements. The wood will deteriorate away before the color stops adhering to the fiber.


Elkhorn Landscape mulches look great along the house or under the trees. The vibrant color choices include red, brown,  and natural. Our mulches take on a robust, colorful appearance that improves the visual appeal of the entire area by adding consistently colored, contrasting or complementing shades of ground cover.


Elkhorn Landscape mulches are produced with Amerimulch colorants which are safe for uses around the home. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that color enhanced mulches present no more concern than natural mulches. Marks Lumber and Amerimulch understand the risks involved with heavy metals and VOCs, and avoid using any hazardous or threatening materials in our products. Our colorants are made from the same materials that are used in lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers.


Other mulches may be made from oily pallets and/or other dirty materials, Elkhorn Premium Landscape Products are made from 100% natural forest by-products. In the logging and sawing process of the logs and boards there is a lot of material that doesn’t make quality lumber or are by-products of the process. Marks Lumber then grinds this waste to make their Elkhorn Landscape Products. This keeps scrap wood out of the landfills and helps our environment. Our SFI certified loggers use environmentally sound forestry practices in the logging of our material. We are also grinding the beetle killed trees of Montana for our mulch, which helps prevent forest fires and helps to maintain a healthy forest.