Custom Grinding

Custom Grinding

Marks Lumber will travel to your site and process your wood waste. We can grind trees (up to 30” diameter), branches, shrubs, pallets, construction and demolition (C&D) waste, etc. You will appreciate the speed and efficiency of our B66 Grinder. This track system, self propelled unit moves effortlessly and quickly from pile to pile. We process your wood waste to the shape and size that best fits your needs. The B66 is designed for high volume Bio Mass production and uses “Perfect in One Pass” grinding technology. Our trained staff works efficiently and is out of your yard quickly to minimize any inconveniences.


Once your material is ground it can be used in an environmentally advantageous application such as mulch, bedding, biomass fuel or composts as an alternative to taking up space in your yard. We can transport the material for you after it is ground to your desired location or haul it away for you.

Marks Lumber’s B66 Rotochopper Grinder

With our B66 Rotochopper we are able to grind many different products including Mulch, Playground Material, Bio Mass Fuel and any other size product you would want us to grind. We also can transport our grinder to your location and grind your material for you. With it’s unique track system we are able to move easily from pile to pile in your yard.